About your first visit

The first visit at Bethesda is an opportunity to speak with a trained and compassionate therapist about your particular situation. Bethesda provides resources for children and their caregivers who have suffered everything from sex trafficking to minor exposure to explicit content. No matter your situation, the first visit with a trained therapist at Bethesda will provide clarity for your particular situation. 

  1. Before your first visit at Bethesda, it is important that the abuse is reported. You can make a report to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services at 1-800-522-3511.
  2. Your first visit is arranged with Bethesda’s receptionist by calling 405-364-0333. She will ask for general information (name, age, address, etc.) and ask for a brief summary of the presenting issue. The receptionist will set a date and time for you and your child to meet with the therapist. Bethesda strives to keep the first appointment within two weeks of the initial phone call. 
  3. At Bethesda, your child must always have adult supervision. Another adult must be present with your child in the waiting room while you meet with a therapist.
  4. The first appointment will last approximately 90 minutes, so please plan accordingly. 
  5. The therapist will meet with each caregiver and child individually. The therapist will engage the child in age appropriate discussion, and may employ such things as play therapy or art therapy (usually for children 3-5 years old). Every child and caregiver is taught personal space boundary rules as a part of the first visit. The child is given an opportunity to disclose their abuse, but only if they want to. The therapists are sensitive to the trauma that may have occurred and conduct all sessions with the utmost care and sensitivity. 
  6. After each member of the family has had an opportunity to meet with the therapist, a treatment plan is created that best fits the needs of the child and family. All caregivers are encouraged to enroll in the adult support group that meets at the same time child group sessions occur throughout the week.   
  7. Following the initial appointment, the Bethesda team therapists meet to review each case and make recommendations to finalize the treatment plan. 
  8. The family is notified of when group or individual counseling will begin. 



Bethesda does not charge its clients for services.

Bethesda believes that every child should have the opportunity to heal from any form of sexual abuse. For that reason, Bethesda does not require private insurance, it does not bill SoonerCare (Medicaid), and does not require payment by the client. To learn more about how Bethesda funds its operations, please visit our funding.